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Recent Results

Lemer & Company $1,513,000 medical malpractice verdict

Medical malpractice lawyers at Lemer and Company received a $1.513 million verdict for their client on May 28, 2015 in the British Columbia Supreme Court case of Reyes v. Marsden. The court found that the plaintiff lost most of his vision after an emergency room physician failed to diagnose a brain tumor and then undertook a lumbar puncture that was contra-indicated in the circumstances and which caused the plaintiff’s vision loss. The trial lasted three weeks and involved numerous expert witnesses from B.C., Ontario and the U.S.

Lemer & Company medical malpractice settlements

Lemer & Company has recently brought 3 medical malpractice personal injury actions to a successful conclusion, reaching settlements against a nurse with the Canadian prison system, an ophthalmic surgeon  and a private laser vision correction company. The action against the prison nurse was on behalf of a prisoner who was experiencing a heart attack. The nurse failed to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and the urgency for treatment, resulting in a delayed diagnosis and treatment. The action against the opthalmic surgeon resulted from incorrect laser treatment of an eye disease which compromised the vision in one eye. The action against the laser vision correction company was for blindness in one eye caused by the an incorrectly assembled component of the laser. Terms of the settlements are subject to confidentiality agreements required by the defendants.


Lemer & Company motor vehicle accident settlements and judgements

Lemer and Co has reached a $3,800,000 settlement for an individual with a spinal cord injury and mild traumatic brain injury, a $900,000 settlement for a mild traumatic brain injury and a $213,000 jury verdict for an individual suffering from headaches due to a motor vehicle accident. Among other recent motor vehicle cases successfully concluded by Lemer and Company are actions involving a pedestrian struck by a left turning driver while crossing an intersection resulting in soft tissue injuries and knee ligament damage, a pedestrian suffering a fractured foot when struck by a hit and run driver and a motorcyclist who struck a left turning driver emerging from a side street, resulting in multiple injuries and a seriously fractured elbow that affected his ability to do heavy laboring jobs.

Lemer & Company occupiers liability settlements

Lemer & Company has obtained settlements of $370,000 for an individual who sustained a knee injury from a defective trampoline at a resort and a $160,000 settlement for an individual who sustained a fractured leg as a result of a poorly designed walkway and poor lighting.