Lemer & Company wins significant medical malpractice trial


Medical malpractice lawyers Bruce Lemer and Felicity Schweitzer represented the plaintiff in a complex medical malpractice case, Baglot v. Fourie, in which a young man was prescribed a powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that caused a large punctured duodenal ulcer which, in turn, caused multiple physical and psychological problems. In a 96 page judgement the British Columbia Supreme Court awarded $888,000 for pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity and cost of care. The plaintiff will also be entitled to costs and disbursements pursuant to the provisions of the Supreme Court Civil Rules. This case is another illustration of the complexity of medical malpractice claims. Plaintiffs often have pre-existing conditions that already compromise the plaintiff’s health and earning ability, as the judge found in this case. Determining the effect of the medical negligence from the pre-existing condition can be challenging and time consuming. The plaintiff presented evidence from two general practitioners, two gastro-enterologists, a psychiatrist, a pharmacologist, an occupational consultant, a vocational consultant and an economist. Trial lasted for weeks and disbursements exceeded $169,000. In choosing a law firm for a medical malpractice claim it is important to assess its expertise and commitment to such claims and whether or not it has the financial resources to properly pursue such a claim. The decision can be seen by clicking here

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