Monthly Archives: November 2015 Lemer and Company recent medical malpractice settlements

Lemer & Company has recently brought 4 medical malpractice personal injury actions  against a general surgeon, nurse with the Canadian prison system, an ophthalmic surgeon  and a private laser vision correction clinic to successful conclusions:

  • Action against the prison nurse was on behalf of a prisoner who was experiencing a heart attack. The nurse failed to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and the urgency for treatment, resulting in a delayed diagnosis and treatment.
  • Action against the opthalmic surgeon resulted from incorrect laser treatmenet of an eye disease which compromised the vision in one eye.
  • Action against the laser vision clinic was for blindness in one eye caused by the an incorrectly assembled component of the laser.
  • Action against the surgeon was for the death of a young husband rresulting from the failure to take action on the signs of post operative bleeding.

Terms are subject to a confidentiality agreement required by the defendants.