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The British Columbia Class Proceedings Act and similar Canadian class action legislation contain provisions that simplify the process for paying class members compensation. For instance, this can include claims forms managed by an independent class action administrator and  the awarding of standard amounts according to a pre-set formula.  The Canadian class action statutes also expedite the claims process for  complex and substantial injuries. For instance, the Hepatitis C class action settlement provides for lifelong payments which change according to how the class member’s condition and needs change, yet the process is designed for most members of the class to make a claim without a lawyer’s assistance.

You do not have to be a plaintiff named in the action to receive compensation. A judge approves any settlement to ensure it is fair to all class members.

If you think you may be a member of one of our class actions or if you may need a class action attorney for a suit in British Columbia or the rest of Canada please contact us.

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