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Vancouver Medical Malpractice Lawyer Bruce Lemer

introMedical Malpractice Introduction
Medical malpractice actions are quite different from typical civil litigation. They normally take a great deal of time and they can be very difficult cases to deal with overall… Read More

hospitalHospital Error
Modern medicine has evolved into a partnership of hospitals, private medical facilities, nurses and physicians… Read More

physicianPhysician Error
Physicians face a myriad of challenges. Diagnostic procedures and tests may be imperfect… Read More

pharmacyPharmacy / Prescription Error
Millions of prescriptions are filled each year in Canada, and each year, countless numbers of Canadians are sent to the hospital because of problematic prescriptions… Read More

compensatedHow Will I Be Compensated
Learn about Medical Malpractice compensation, and how Bruce Lemer and his colleagues can help… Read More

contingencyContingency / Percentage Fees
Read about Lemer & Company’s contingency fee agreements… Read More

limitationMedical Malpractice Limitation Periods
Learn more about the time within which a lawsuit must be filed for a claimant to preserve his or her right to compensation in medical malpractice… Read More