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In his thirty years as an ICBC lawyer Bruce Lemer has represented people throughout British Columbia with a wide variety of serious motor vehicle injuries. His clients have received settlements or judgements for catastrophic brain injuries, quadriplegia, peripheral nerve injuries, whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, eye injuries, burns and scarring and psychiatric injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer is necessary to ensure you obtain appropriate damages for your injury, care and lost earnings. Vancouver personal injury lawyer Bruce Lemer has the experience, expertise and resources to properly represent and assist you. The Public Guardian said this about Lemer & Company’s efforts for one of their clients:

“Extensive investigation was required on the liability issues of the accident including the possibility of claims against several tortfeasors and different insurance funds. Mr. Lemer attended team meetings, liaised with ICBC’s Rehabilitation Department and with…care providers to ensure appropriate rehabilitation…Mr. Lemer carried all of the disbursements in this matter without interest and advanced the family a loan without interest to cover part of the cost of a wheelchair van…Mr. Lemer took the risk of carrying those disbursements, and did so without charging interest…In our opinion the skill and experience of…counsel contributed to this positive outcome… Mr. Lemer and his associates achieved a very good result without the necessity of undertaking the stress and risks of a trial.” 

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