Whiplash injuries, back injuries and spinal injuries

While the common view of soft tissue injuries is that they are less severe than fractures, the fact is that whiplash and other ligament, tendon and muscle injuries can be severe and long-lasting. It can take hours or days after an accident for the damage become fully apparent. A physician should determine if there are signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury and x-rays, CT scans, or MRI might be useful if significant symptoms persist or if there are signs of neurological (nerve) issues such as tingling or numbness in one or more limbs, reduced sensation or difficulty moving a limb. For soft tissue injuries-whiplash and other similar injuries- massage therapy, chiropractic treatment and active physiotherapy can be helpful. ICBC no-fault or “Part VII” payments covers medical expenses not otherwise paid by the Medical Services Plan.

Because whiplash, back injuries and other soft tissue injuries can take months to recover it is best not to rush settlement of an injury claim. Settlement negotiations and mediation should should wait until the prognosis is known.

Bruce Lemer has been counsel in actions involving serious soft tissue injuries, whiplash injuries and back injuries, including spinal fractures and paralysis, since 1982. We ensure that all necessary medical and expert physician evidence is obtained to prove your case. Where appropriate he will retain independent medical experts and arrange private MRI’s, or CT scans to avoid the long wait in the public medical system. We cover all expenses and are paid only when the settlement or judgment is obtained.