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Most people only think about the physical injuries suffered and how the body will recover from a car accident. Less attention is given to the psychological effects that accidents can have and how difficult it can be for a person to mentally recover from such an extreme shock to the system. Psychological injuries are unfortunately a common after-effect of motor vehicle accidents and can have lasting and damaging effects if not treated carefully after the accident.

People injured in very serious automobile accidents can develop the psychological condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can have severe effects on their ability to function in their day-to-day lives, work, and school. People afflicted with PTSD may have trouble developing and maintaining relationships and may find leisure time stressful. This disorder can manifest in a victim re-living the traumatic event after it occurred, persistent avoidance of any environment or stimuli that might trigger memories of the accident and a general decrease in responsiveness. One particularly common effect is that victims are unable to operate a car or even be a passenger in a motor vehicle without experiencing severe anxiety. One study found that women are much more likely than men to develop PTSD following trauma.

PTSD has also been found to accompany depression. In some cases, the victim will have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder such as depression prior to the accident. This indicates that depression predisposes accident victims to subsequently develop PTSD.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure that you obtain appropriate damages for your injuries. Bruce Lemer has thirty years experience as a trial lawyer in British Columbia and has the expertise and resources to represent you properly. He ensures that all necessary medical evidence is obtained to prepare your case. Where appropriate, he will retain independent medical experts and arrange private MRI’s or CT scans to avoid the long wait in the public medical system. He generally covers all expenses and is paid only when a settlement or judgment is obtained (known as a contingency fee or percentage fee arrangement).

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