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A bus does not have to be involved in a collision in order for a passenger to become injured. Just the act of getting on or off a bus can lead to an accident that causes injury. Additionally, a sudden stop can cause a shift in passengers, leading to falls. Bus accident claims can be complicated because many parties can be liable.

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Who Can be Held Liable for a Bus Accident?

British Columbia law states that any company that transports passengers in exchange for currency is to be held to a higher standard of care than a typical driver. This leaves bus drivers, their employers and any company that maintains the busses liable for damages following an accident. These parties, however, will do what they can in order to minimize the amount of damages they pay out.

While public transportation can be a safe and economical resources for Vancouver residents to get around, accidents do happen. Bus accidents can happen because a driver might be inexperienced, tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A driver could be speeding, driving recklessly or not driving appropriately for the current road conditions. Whatever the reason, a bus driver owes a greater duty of care than a typical driver, and any breach in that duty can leave the driver liable for damages.

If a driver is rushing to meet his or her schedule due to difficult expectations set forth by the employer, the employer may be liable for damages for a resulting accident. Additionally, if the bus was poorly maintained or contained defective equipment, such as brakes or tires, the company responsible for maintaining the bus or the manufacturer of the defective equipment may be liable.

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What Damages Can I Collect After a Bus Accident?

After a pedestrian accident, a person can be left with large financial burdens and ongoing medical issues. In your pedestrian accident claim with ICBC or any other insurance provider, you may be eligible for damages, including but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages, including future earnings
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of benefits
  • Pain and suffering

It is important that you do not accept a settlement before you have an experienced lawyer assess your situation. You may be eligible for more than you think.

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Vancouver Bus Accident Lawyer

Whenever there is a serious injury arising from a bus accident, it is necessary to act immediately and retain counsel. Liability is not always clear cut. There is often some ambiguity as to the extent to which any one party is liable. Experienced bus accident lawyer Bruce Lemer can analyze all the variables involved, develop necessary evidence and retain top experts. If liability is an issue, it is beneficial to retain an experienced bus accident lawyer promptly so that the evidence can be preserved. Lemer & Company will work to ensure your claim is filed properly and that your rights are protected.

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