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What Steps Your Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Will Take to Settle Your Case

Settlement of your personal injury claim is appropriate only after you have recovered from your injury, or at least when you are close to making a full recovery. After the investigation and research phases have concluded, your Vancouver personal injury lawyer, Bruce Lemer, will then keep a close eye on …

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What Happens If Your Personal Injury Case Does Not Settle?

In the majority of cases, personal injury claims are settled out of court so that a trial does not have to take place. A small number of cases do not settle and so they have to proceed all the way through trial. If your case does not settle¬†your lawyer will …

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Pedestrian accidents and personal injury claims

There is a popular misconception that, unless a pedestrian is struck while crossing a street in a crosswalk or at an intersection while the “walk” signal is activated, the driver who struck them would not be liable for the accident. In fact, motorists have been held liable for pedestrian injuries …

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Intersection accidents

Many people assume that the left turning driver is always at fault. In fact, the Motor Vehicle Act provides that the oncoming driver must yield to the left turning driver where the left turning driver has acted reasonably in starting his turn and is an “immediate hazard”.

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How to Deal With a Request for a Medical Authorization Form

For an adjuster to ask for you to sign a medical authorization form may seem like an innocent, and maybe even expected, step in the personal injury claim process. Signing a medical authorization form, however, can mean enabling the insurance company to pry in a way that can hurt your …

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