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You should choose a spinal cord injury lawyer with  experience and expertise in complex litigation and spinal cord injury cases, experience and expertise in proving liability and dealing with insurance coverage issues and the resources to retain highly qualified specialist physicians, occupational therapists, vocational rehabilitation consultants and other experts necessary to support the claim for damages. A  spinal cord injury lawyer should also assist the injured person with obtaining the best possible care and assistance. (Click here to review Bruce Lemer’s background.)

At the same time it is important to note that legal fees reduce the net amount of a judgement or settlement available to pay for household assistance, care, accommodation, loss of earnings and other losses, potentially leaving the plaintiff under compensated. In serious and catastrophic injury cases we offer lower percentage (contingency) fee arrangements. This recognizes that a percentage (contingency) fee that may be appropriate in an ordinary injury claim may be too high where the client’s damages are very substantial. In just such a case Bruce Lemer recently represented an infant who became a partial quadriplegic as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The British Columbia Supreme Court Judge approving the settlement commented that his fees were “eminently reasonable”.

Spinal cord injuries and brain damage leading to paralysis have devastating physical and emotional consequences. A spinal cord injury lawyer must deal with the financial consequences of the injury by obtaining the maximum funds to cover cost of care and household assistance, appropriate accommodation, loss of earning capacity and other losses that result from catastrophic injuries. In addition, a spinal cord injury lawyer should be available to assist the medical professionals  during the client’s rehabilitation and help the client and his family to deal with the aftermath of the injury.

Bruce Lemer has thirty years experience as an ICBC motor vehicle accident lawyer and has represented people with quadriplegia, partial quadriplegia and paralysis caused by peripheral nerve injuries and brain damage. Feel free to call him to arrange a free consultation.

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